The best way to soak up pathogens - gut health, immunoglobulins, cleanse

I don't care what antimicrobial herb (oregano, clove, echinacea, etc.) or antibiotic you are in love with as your end-all-be-all for "imbalances" or "infections," there's honestly nothing better to take with it than oral immunoglobulins/antibodies to soak up the garbage in your system when your antifungal/antibacterial products are attacking pathogens.

Many of you love colostrum.
Why is colostrum effective? It is high in antibodies/immunoglobulins.

Why is breastmilk so good for babies? It is loaded with nutrients AND it also contains antibodies (specifically IgA).
IgA works via immune exclusion. IgG also works by way of immune exclusion. They use the same mode of action against pathogens.

You can actually take an oral immunoglobulin supplement derived from beef cattle plasma (manufactured in the USA and New Zealand) that contains more antibodies than breast milk or colostrum.
✅ It has over 50 human research studies on it.
🚫 It DOES NOT spike blood immunoglobulin levels (signs of an infection or immune malfunction).
✅It stays in the digestive tract.
✅It can help decrease immune activation (hello, all you people with autoimmune issues).
✅It soaks up pathogens.

This ingredient pairs very well with other ingredients like oregano.

At Silver Fern™, we pair high doses of immunoglobulins with not only herbs but with a very specific frequency-activated nanosilver ingredient shown to be safe, effective, and to exit the body quickly.

This is our one-two punch against a very wide range of bad things in the whole digestive system (not just the intestines) and their biofilms. Our microbiome research and experience have taught us that this is the most effective combination for helping clean up the gut, especially with stubborn problems.

You can find high-quality immunoglobulins here.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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