7 things your doctor isn't telling you about Reflux - gut health, acid blockers, reflux, heartburn

After years of working with countless people we feel like we finally have the best non-acid blocker response to reflux anywhere.

Yes, acid blockers are cheap. Your doctor can prescribe different options and the local grocery store has several OTC options. (And yes, we are aware that GrandmašŸ‘µšŸ¼ showed you how to mix baking soda with water for a very cheap antacid.)

BUT...these options may come with unwanted side effects.

BUT...these options are only supposed to be used short-term.

If you are looking to help address underlying issues then our approach is best. Why?
(1) We are not blocking acid
(2) We are helping address the underlying causes of reflux
(3) We want to help you get away from needing products

Reflux works because of the MucoSaveĀ®. MucoSaveĀ® is a new ingredient we source from Italy. Its incredibly helpful for reflux and many other digestive discomforts. We can't say enough good about this ingredient.*

Motility works because of two ingredients both of which are clinically studied and shown to increase motility w/o the use of laxatives. No laxatives. Motility does 5 things:
(1) Turns on peristalsis*
(2) Hydrates the system*
(3) Promotes gut barrier function*
(4) Improves serotonin production*
(5) Helps restore healthy stress response in the digestive system*
These are all key to a more comprehensive approach to slow motility issues.

If your only concern is reflux discomfort, check out Reflux.

If you have reflux, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, nausea, burping, belching, concerns with leaky gut, IBS, SIBO, etc., and need a complete protocol for gut health, check out ourĀ Ā #Slow Motility+Ā  Protocol. This is a 3-step protocol. All the information for each step is on the page. We try to answer all the questions we can there.

If you have reflux issues and want a science supported approach to helping the issue, we'd love to help you.

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