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Not only did I sleep like garbage for years, but when I did sleep I had to take heavy-duty meds to get there (Trazodone and/or Melatonin). And when I am tired, I am super unpleasant.

We get asked all the time about sleep. So many of us need better/more sleep and struggle getting there but we also don't want to take strong medications for it either.

Silver Fern™ played with alternative sleep ingredient options for years, weighed the pros and cons of the ingredients, tested the efficacy, and never launched a sleep product because we just weren't pleased with what we found.

Now, we have an answer for sleep and it still isn't a sleep product per se. LOL It is our Stress Complex.

Not only did Stress Complex make people feel a lot better about life, but it also helped them sleep a lot better. In our pre-launch tests, it worked like a charm to help those who couldn't get to sleep to get to sleep.

How quickly did it help with sleep? About 4 weeks to notice the sleep benefit but many noticed it much earlier.

Here's what else we learned:
For all the stress-related help, it can take between 4 and 8 weeks to feel the full effect of 1 capsule per day. The 1 capsule provides 30 mg of the "secret ingredient" we found to make people happy. And when we double the dose to 60 mg (30 mg in the morning and another 30 mg in the evening), most people sleep like a baby.

The "secret ingredient" is a specific form of saffron. We tested a lot of saffron before this version. A lot. Most didn't work at all. And we were skeptical of this version too. But at 60 mg it works for sleep. No question. And you may just be happy with life again too.

Warning: I recommend taking the second capsule later in the evening. I had a few cases where I took the second capsule earlier in the day and could barely drive home. This is just my experience but it happened enough times I don't take it until later on in the evening now.

You can also just take 2 non-caffeinated capsules in the evening.

Ready to start sleeping and feeling better? You can find Stress Complex here.

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