Signs of adrenal fatigue - gut health, mental health, stress

When a person has been under stress for a long time they may have what's been called by some as adrenal fatigue. Some may call it burnout. Some may call it exhaustion.

The fact is that when the body has been under stress for an extended period of time it does start to feel like it is going to shut down or like it just isn't functioning properly anymore. We do know for a fact that stress hammers the gut and the gut-brain axis is real.

So, could stress over an extended period of time cause elevated inflammatory markers in the body resulting in health issues? We think so.

While we have not found any special vitamin or supplement to suddenly "boost" or "jump-start" the adrenals, we do have something that can help with the stress and underlying issues causing the discomforts associated with adrenal fatigue.*

This issue (among several) is why our science team formulated our stress product. This is our way of helping people cope with stress better.

We spent about 4 years (literally) testing "proven" ingredients for stress. Honestly, we didn't notice much and the ingredients for stress made many of us irritable. We had about given up hope. A natural stress product seemed like a🦄. After a ton of testing, we finally landed on a specific saffron that worked. Be aware, we tested roughly 9 versions of saffron before we found this one, they are not all the same.

Here is what we found: If you take 2 capsules per day to start you will for sure start sleeping again. Stress, anxiety, and mood-related issues improve a lot but the timing is different for everyone. Many notice it working in the first 2 weeks. I didn't notice anything until about week 6 when I suddenly found myself responding to my irrational teenagers in a calm and collected manner.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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