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Regular drinking water can be contaminated with all sorts of things we don't want in our bodies

I get asked about heavy metal issues A LOT. I get asked about all sorts of toxins (chemicals, metals, etc.) that affect the gut microbiome that are best addressed by just not consuming them. The primary way to stop having heavy metal issues and other contaminant problems is to stop drinking them every day.
How do you do that?
You can spend roughly $5k on a system and have it installed in your home. OR you can spend around $400 for a Big Berkey that you can easily move with you and that will get rid of everything you don’t want.
Tiffany and I have debated the last several years on if we should move or not. Bottom line, we are up in the air about it enough that instead of installing a water purification system we bought a Berkey. Our kids love to get water out of it (it is a game for them). It sits on our counter just fine. It is a simple solution for a big question I get asked about a lot.
For people wanting to help the gut. This is a great product.
For people worried about water in an emergency situation this is an absolutely essential product. In an emergency situation that expensive purification system hooked up under your sink may no longer work. But the Berkey will.

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