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H. pylori causes all sorts of issues, immunoglobulins can help - gut health, reflux, stomach ache

“A few hours after I eat, I feel swelling and bloating. I have burping, stomach pains and nausea. And I get a strong burning ache in my stomach. What is it?”
That’s probably an H. pylori infection, and most people don’t know that they have it.
H. pylori can also cause unexplained weight loss, stomach aches, gastritis, and a peptic ulcer.
Healthcare providers will likely suggest antibiotics, H2-blockers, or PPIs.
What do we suggest? A high dose of immunoglobulins.
“The immunoglobulin content of SBI has previously been shown to bind to a variety of microbial antigens (e.g., LPS, flagellin, peptidoglycan, etc) associated with gastrointestinal disorders. To continue to understand the broad impact of SBI, new relevant antigens of interest were chosen to test for IgG binding. The results presented here suggest SBI can bind to antigenic components from negative-gram bacteria (C. albicans, H. pylori, S. dysenteriae, and E. coli) commonly associated with GI inflammation and disease.”
(Reference: Investigation of Serum Derived Bovine Immunoglobulin IgG Binding of Various Antigens by Modified ELISA) Note: this reference is not available online yet. If you would like to see it I am happy to email it to you.
All our protocols assume H. pylori, C. diff, etc. type issues.
For help with protocols or questions, please send me a DM on Instagram. @silverfernbrand

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