Chronic diarrhea and BAM - gut health, gallbladder, bile acid malabsorption

Don't accidentally lump BAM in with IBS-D. They are not the same and the causes can vary.

Unfortunately, BAM is a lot more complicated than other causes of chronic diarrhea. It is complex, so the response is complex. And I'm not sure that the medical community has a great response to it.

We are fantastic at helping with all causes of diarrhea/loose stools except for BAM. BAM is super tough and the suggested answer for helping with it is bile-acid binders (meds). So, I don't know that we have a great response for it that is immediate and effective.

With everyone getting their gallbladders out, this issue seems to be happening much more often.

BAM is on our list of problems we are aware of and that we need to be better at helping with but are still working on it.

Oddly enough, even though this issue is one of rapid motility, we find that the slow motility protocols are best for it because they help with liver detox and motility issues.

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