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Probiotics can add fire to the flame when dealing with severe bloating - gut health, digestive enzymes

Don’t throw gas on a🔥 That’s what can happen by dropping tens of billions of CFUs of common probiotics in a gut with severe bloating. ⁠
Even the best type of probiotic strains shown to recondition the gut aren’t best used at this time (even though the science shows they are helpful).⁠
Severe bloating usually means too many bacteria in the wrong spot. ⁠
The answer is to increase motility, increase stomach acid, significantly reduce bad bacteria, stop blocking acid, and calm down the gut.⁠
If severe bloating is accompanied by constipation, start with our constipation plan to help address bloating.⁠
If the severe bloating is accompanied by diarrhea, start with our diarrhea/loose stool plan to address bloating.⁠

Yes, there is a plan if someone has both constipation and diarrhea as well as a plan if someone has heartburn/reflux problems too.⁠
Typically, people with severe bloating have many FODMAP food intolerances (fruits, vegetables, beans, fructose, dairy, etc.). If this is the case, please use Bloat & Gas Relief enzymes (FODMAP enzymes) before meals.⁠

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