Gut health can affect abdominal fat - probiotics, prebiotics


Ever heard the usage “stubborn belly fat”? What if the reason that belly fat is so stubborn is because some of the primary factors that determine the removal of belly fat aren’t being addressed?
People are 100% convinced that in order to lose
fat one has to burn more calories than one consumes. For some reason people believe that one is required to starve, eat only chicken and broccoli three times a day, and exercise for two hours a day in order to lose weight/fat. Or a person needs to count everything (calories consumed, calories burned, macronutrients, protein, fats, etc.) all day long to process.
The science says that increasing good bacteria like Akkermansia and short-chain fatty acids can change how the body responds to food. It also says that correcting gut health can make eating healthier easier, eating less more satisfying, and causing fat to burn rather than be stored.
That science already exists. The science community knows it already. The science and the exercise/diet
community just haven't synced up yet.

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