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Probiotics and Weight Loss

The Silver Fern™ ELEVATED program is centered on science support for adding probiotics to your weight loss program to improve fat loss results. More and more news like that found here at FitBodyBuzz supports probiotics as part of a healthy weight loss program.

Here are some interesting takeaway points from FiBodyBuzz’s article:

“According to a study whose findings were published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, certain probiotics have the ability to inhibit the absorption of dietary fat and increase the amount of fat excreted from the organism with feces.”

“Probiotic drinks will suppress your appetite and make you eat less, thus aiding your weight loss. Scientists concluded the study explaining that probiotics have a potential therapeutic utility to counter obesity and diabetes.”

“In fact, there’s a growing body of evidence confirming that probiotic drinks help you lose those few pounds effectively.”

Read the whole article here: http://fitbodybuzz.com/probiotic-drinks-lose-weight/

Do you want to know more about how probiotics can help with weight loss? Check out Silver Fern™ ELEVATED at www.silverfernbrand.com/pages/elevated-weight-loss.

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