Overuse of laxatives can make constipation worse-Upper GI Relief, digestion

Let’s imagine that a person is eating the right foods, drinking enough water, and is getting enough⁠
exercise but is still constipated. They may take something like MiraLAX, right? And then they take it⁠
again and again, but the constipation continues. What then? OR what if a person doesn’t want to take⁠
laxatives? What do they do? Exercise more, drink water, and then what?⁠
Frequent and chronic constipation is due to slow or reduced motility. This means that the movement of⁠
waste through the digestive system is slow. Some factors that can cause this:⁠
✔️Overuse of laxatives⁠
✔️Restricted eating patterns⁠
✔️Various serious stomach issues⁠
✔️High-protein low-carb diets ⁠
Here’s what works to deal with chronic constipation:⁠
A high dose of Upper GI Relief for 3 months will help with constipation issues because it addresses the underlying issues behind slow motility. A high dose of Upper GI Relief is 2 capsules per meal at the beginning or before 3 meals a day (Yes. I know that is a lot of capsules, but it works!). ⁠
After 3 months a person can drop to 2 capsules per day for another 4 months. After that a person can decide to⁠
continue to take it or not. Motility will be good.⁠
It will take about 4 to 7 weeks to notice the change from constipation to regularity. Please be patient. It does work.⁠
This also helps resolve a lot of other digestive discomforts (heartburn, reflux, etc.).⁠

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