The psychology of fat loss & a healthy body

Changing one’s physique is as much about the head game as it is about exercise, diet, and changing gut health. One has to first believe that the goal is attainable. Improving mindset is as much a first place to start as anything else. ⁠
Here’s what happens:⁠
A person starts off excited and energetic. Some very restrictive diets can cause excitement and energy⁠
to drop weight extremely fast, but the program is too restrictive and not sustainable. This can cause⁠
immediate questions of whether the program is going to work long-term. Doubt sets in. The program⁠
falls apart. What is the lesson here? Pick the right program upfront.⁠
No matter what program a person engages in one must get their head around turning the program into a⁠
fun game that the person believes they will achieve. A person must learn to replace doubt with goals⁠
and fantasies of what it will be like to succeed, believing that the success is inevitable. ⁠
Of course, problems and struggles are part of the game to overcome. Push through them and move on always⁠
expecting to succeed.⁠
✔️ Pick the right program that is most likely to work.⁠
✔️ Believe in the success of the program. Doubt cause failure. Belief causes success.⁠

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