Leaky gut can be reversed using the right probiotic strains and immunoglobulins-allergies, metabolism, toxins, gluten, stress

Harvard Medical School explains leaky gut as the gut lining weakening, resulting in holes developing in the⁠
barrier. Toxins and bacteria then leak into the body, triggering inflammation in the gut and throughout⁠
the body causing a reaction of health problems. (https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/putting-a-stop-⁠
to-leaky-gut-2018111815289) ⁠
UC San Diego Health recently said that the condition known as leaky gut “…may be more common, and more harmful, than previously thought.”⁠
According to our resident microbiologist gut expert, leaky gut is one of the primary contributing factors⁠
to many health problems. When constant inflammation is occurring, the body’s health falls apart.⁠

There are clinical studies that show that the right combination of probiotics can help reverse leaky gut.⁠
There are clinical studies that show that certain key immunoglobulin concentrations can help reverse⁠
leaky gut.⁠

I am sure I had leaky gut when we first started Silver Fern™ Brand. My immune system was shot. My allergies were out of control. I felt like my metabolism had fallen off a cliff. I was starting to experience digestive issues. I worked hard for 6 months to address leaky gut. Since that time, I haven’t had sinus infections, I don’t need allergy medications, and I don’t have digestive issues.⁠
While the right products can absolutely help reverse problems like leaky gut, I strongly suggest helping the process along by avoiding high sugar diets, artificial sweeteners, and highly processed foods.⁠
Try to do these things most of the time. Life happens and one shouldn’t expect to suddenly cut out all treats and eating out. Other factors that contribute to leaky gut include gluten and stress. But that’s for future posts. 😉⁠

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