The secret to permanent weight loss? Gut health-prebiotics probiotics, metabolism, cravings, sugar addiction, appetite

It sounds crazy that weight loss programs are a great way to gain more weight, but it is true for a number of reasons. ⁠
Restrictive diets don’t work. They actually increase the problems associated with weight gain. Can’t we all agree that if 90% of diet programs result in weight regain and if 40% of people actually gain more weight back than what they lost maybe those programs don’t work for most people?⁠
(Note: I don’t want to take away from the 5-10% of people that make those programs happen long-term. I’m suggesting that for the super majority of people those programs don’t work.)⁠

There are thousands of exercise and diet programs being pushed on social media and regular media right now. And I think many of them likely have good eating plans and solid work out plans. But since they don’t address the root cause of cravings and appetite they won’t work. ⁠
I’m not suggesting that a person should avoid eating healthy or exercising. I’m saying that gut health determines if a person is going to be lean or overweight. Gut health determines if eating healthy is going to help a person lose weight or not. ⁠
Finally, I’m suggesting that if eating healthy and exercising alone aren’t shown to change cravings and appetite maybe it is a prudent idea to look at the science behind gut health and weight gain because they are absolutely linked.⁠
For implementing the right gut health products and lifestyle changes to make other healthy eating and⁠
exercising programs work please look at the Boost Kit Program. It was created by a microbiologist and⁠
clinically trained dietitians to address the missing part of what is needed to make body composition change happen for the long-term.⁠

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