Is slow motility the root cause of your other issues? - gut health, constipation

Start your gut health journey with slow motility issues! This is where most people should start unless you have chronic diarrhea or no constipation (in our opinion).

How do you clean something up that is clogged up? You don't. Even if an imbalance is the culprit for the slow motility issues, please consider starting with slow motility issues before doing an aggressive clean up.

Even people with weight gain issues would do well to start with helping with motility issues.

BTW - starting with a protocol for slow motility also means helping with inflammatory processes, gut barrier integrity, nutrient absorption, histamine intolerances and food sensitivities, etc. When you address underlying issues of slow motility you are definitely helping the system turn motility back on but that process should do so much more too.

If the only issue is slow motility then do an aggressive constipation plan (which should help with all motility issues) followed by maintaining gut health with probiotics and prebiotics.

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