Increasing butyrate can help many aspects of health - gut health, prebiotics

Leaky gut? Intestinal inflammation? Weight problems? Sleeping issues? Worried about strokes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease? IBS?
You need to increase butyrate!
Healthy gut bacteria produce butyrate. If your gut is a wreck and you have a lot more bad bacteria than good bacteria, then you are going to be “less” healthy.
Once motility is good and the gut is cleaned up, the next item on the list is to rapidly increase bacteria that will skyrocket your butyrate production. This is important for a wide variety of reasons:
✔️ Skin health
✔️ Overcoming food allergies 🤧
✔️ Strong immune system
✔️ Better sleeping😴
✔️ Help with fat/weight loss
You can take a butyrate supplement. Or you can take targeted prebiotics shown to increase endogenous butyrate.
Prebiotics shown to spike bacterium types shown to increase butyrate include PreticX®, MicrobiomeX®, and ApplePhenon®.
Pairing these types of prebiotics with key bacillus strains (probiotics) has shown to “…[contribute] directly or indirectly to stimulation of acetate, propionate and butyrate production.”
A lot of people ask me, “When can I stop working on gut health?”
My normal response is, “Whenever you want. We don’t sell products that form a dependency issue.”
With all that gut health effects, why would you ever stop working to improve your gut health?

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