Are you so discouraged with your hair growth? - beauty from within, keratin, sea buckthorn berry, bamboo

Having your hair thin due to health issues like autoimmune disorders is so discouraging. ⁠
Or maybe you caught a certain v!rus and your hair has never been the same since. ⁠
Or did you chop your hair and regret it two days later, wishing it would grow back in a few days? ⁠
Hair Complex contains three simple ingredients that make a huge impact:⁠
✔️ Keragen-IV™-helps with the production of collagen IV to strengthen hair folllicles and nails and increases hair growth...dramatically⁠
✔️ Sea Buckthorn Berry-promotes circulation in the scalp, enhances hair follilcle reproduction⁠
✔️ Bamboo Extract - Strengthens individual hair strands, increases hair volume and shine⁠


If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand

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