Glutamine helps with Leaky Gut - gut health

Let's be super direct.

Is Gut Repair the end-all-be-all for leaky gut? No.

But is it part of the key? Yes.

Do I take it daily? Yes. I take it in my post-workout muscle recovery and gut health protocol.

Gut Repair can be a key product for your journey to strengthen your gut barrier.💪🏼

Here is one of our little gut secrets: All of our protocols fully address leaky gut issues. We assume everyone with gut issues has it and so we fully respond to it in all our protocols. ⁠If you would like to see what our "glutamine gut blend" is, DM us #Glutamine. ⁠

If you have a wide range of gut issues, have bad imbalances, need a broad range of gut help, and are not sure of where to start, DM us #Protocol. When you get that protocol, we find that adding L-Glutamine into it is great in step 2 of all slow motility protocol responses and then great in step 1 of all other protocols.

And for those of you killing it at the gym every day, L-Glutamine is always a great ingredient to consider for muscle recovery.

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