Elevated stress affects the skin - gut health, acne, psoriasis, eczema

Stress doesn't just stop with gut problems and depression. It hits the skin hard too.

When stress elevates, the skin produces more oil. This causes acne.

When stress elevates it suppresses the immune system and increases inflammation in the body worsening eczema.

Stress triggers psoriasis and rosacea.

Stress is a collagen killer (causing wrinkles).

Stress accelerates the aging process.

The inflammation from stress causes dryness and triggers rashes and hives.

Generally speaking, elevated stress (elevated cortisol) is a total wreck on skin health.

That's why we formulated Stress Complex. Stress Complex is our response to helping with stress and elevated cortisol levels for adults and teenagers.*

What sets Stress Complex apart? The specific saffron used contains the highest concentration of pure safranal we could find. It has been shown to help with stress and cortisol (among many other things).*

Personally speaking, I take two capsules per day because it also helps me sleep at night. I have been able to stop taking Trazodone at night to sleep because of Stress Complex. Plus, if one capsule has been shown to help reduce cortisol up to 44% and two capsules help with sleep, I hope that the two capsules reduce cortisol even more. I feel like it takes the edge off. With my high-stress levels, it took six weeks for me to notice my "edge" slip away.*

This is a no-joke product that works for most people. Of the 200+ people we tested it on, about six didn't notice anything using one capsule. Everyone slept better using two capsules when taking two capsules.*

You can find Stress Complex here.

Does Stress Complex help with skin? It did for my teenagers and other teenagers. As an adult, I don't have skin issues so I didn't notice anything in my skin.*

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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