Can saffron help with feelings of sadness and anxiousness? - gut health, stress, mood, anxious

Personally speaking, I do struggle with depression issues and have for years. My primary issues are stress, anxiousness, irritability, sleep problems, weight gain, and anxiety.

Are there natural ways to help with depression issues? Yes.

What's the truth with saffron and depression? It isn't a drug prescribed by a doctor. So, I can't actually say much with respect to depression. But if you do your own research with saffron compared to fluoxetine, for example, you may find it helpful and interesting.

Here's a little-known secret about the supplement industry:
In the supplement industry quality, stability, bioavailability, etc. (factors that affect how ingredients work) can vary...A LOT.

I have tried a lot of saffron extracts with zero success. I noticed NOTHING from it. Total waste of money.

But there are a few proven extracts that have a lot of research supporting their effectiveness but also, they do work. And they work well.

Saffron is safe with very few side effects as long as you keep your dosing under 1.5 grams. The truth is though, you don't need more than 60 mg per day at most if you get the right extract.

I take 60 mg of a saffron that contains the highest concentration of pure safranol that we could find. It is highly stable and bioavailable. I either take 30 mg in the morning and the other 30 mg at night OR I take all 60 mg at night. It does help you sleep. I do not suggest taking all 60 mg early on in the day.

What did I notice? Sleep benefits in the first two weeks. I was able to get off of Trazadone to sleep. I found myself with a lot less stress. I noticed I suddenly found myself less irritable, ornery and bothered. I noticed all of this after 6 weeks.

Some find taking saffron is helpful with antidepressants, by helping offset their side effects and even helping them feel even better. You may want to talk to your doctor about this option.

Saffron may be a helpful way to improve your mood, improve your sleep, etc.

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