Signs of elevated cortisol levels - gut health, cortisol, stress

Bad stuff happens when cortisol levels are elevated and stay elevated. Chronic stress will do this to you.

Why is cortisol a big deal?
1️⃣ Manages your stress response
2️⃣ Manages your metabolism
3️⃣ Helps with Inflammation management
4️⃣ Regulates blood pressure
5️⃣ Regulates blood sugar
6️⃣ Helps control the sleep-wake cycle

Did you know that you can naturally help reduce cortisol by up to 44% with only 30 grams of a very specific saffron per day?

The same group that did that research suggests that a higher dose of that same saffron may even do better at helping with elevated cortisol levels. Personally speaking, I take the sleeping dose of 60 mg of saffron per day.

This same form of saffron is proven to have a much higher bioavailability than other forms of saffron on the market.

This saffron has not been shown to lower cortisol levels below normal so that doesn't seem to be an issue.

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