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Bad bacteria awaken viruses - gut health, viruses

That's right. Bacteria (like E. coli) can reawaken long-dormant viruses inside bacteria, which can cause all sorts of destruction. ⁠

If you are going to clean up the gut, you may want to strongly consider a plan that hits bacteria AND viruses.⁠

A gut clean up needs to be a full gut clean up. And loading up on a few antimicrobial herbs now and again doesn't count. ⁠

Our suggestion, I like the "smash and grab" (kill/capture) combination of the right nano ag404 with immunoglobulins/antibodies. That combo is the most effective we have found for cleaning the system out of bad bacteria and viruses. ⁠

If you are going to clean up the gut, you might as well do it right.⁠

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