We hear it all the time, "Just eat fermented foods." But maybe that's not best. - gut health, prebiotics, bloating, gas

"Just eat fermented foods"
I hear this a lot in post comments.
And while fermented foods are amazing for gut health as prebiotics, they too can come with some side effects to consider. The side effects also may mean that things are being improved.

The most common side effect is bloating and gas. After that in frequency comes headaches and migraines (usually from histamine and tyramine). And then histamine intolerances. This comes with a runny nose, itching, eye redness, fatigue, etc.

If fermented foods cause you digestive issues then consider eating less of them and gradually working your way into it or consider adding them in later into your gut health protocol when they will do the most good. Personally speaking, I suggest the latter is best.

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