Is a healthy gut key to addressing diabetic pain? - gut health, probiotic, prebiotic

It does appear that an altered gut microbiome may be an underlying cause of nerve pain in people with diabetes.

When faecal transplants were done with people with diabetes, their pain decreased by about 35%.🤯 This was shown to come from bacteria types that reduce inflammation. One of these bacteria is F. prausnitzii, "...which has previously been found to be lacking in people with chronic fatigue syndrome."

Is increasing key bacteria (usually not found in probiotics) key to whole body health? We sure think so. And the science is starting to show it more and more.

So, how does one increase bacteria types like F. prausnitzii? That's not exactly found in your standard probiotic.

There are a couple options we like a lot.
1️⃣ Research says combining Bacillus strains with prebiotics, like PreticX® is a really good way to do this. And then
2️⃣ Research also suggests that prebiotics like Baobab Acacia are also really good for driving up F. prausnitizii.

For this reason (among many others) our gut maintenance protocols combine these type of ingredients together. And our "Build Up" protocol also hyper focuses on this combination of ingredients.

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