The secret to helping reflux

Clearly, we do not want to argue with customers. We already spend hours each day trying to explain stuff like why and how Reflux and Regularity do much, much more than just help with reflux and constipation problems. ⁠

"Why is Reflux in my protocol if I don't have reflux and heartburn issues?" ⁠

It is tough to encourage people to do more, when most people want to do less and get more from it. ⁠

That being said, if you ask for Phil's response to reflux and heartburn issues, you will see he provides a subtle suggestion for customers to consider doing a pre-protocol protocol for reflux and heartburn issues. Why does he do this? Because most people with bad reflux issues also have an inflamed mucosal lining of the stomach. ⁠

If you want this version of help with reflux issues, DM us on IG #Reflux, ask for Phil's protocol, and then consider doing it. It takes an extra 30 days, but it works really well. ⁠

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