Aids for improving leaky gut-probiotics, immunoglobulins, antibodies, glutamine, curcumin, zinc carnosine

Q: “Do probiotics help with leaky gut?” (endotoxemia/increased intestinal permeability)⁠
A: “Yes. Not all. But some do. There are key probiotic strains shown to help reduce the indicators of⁠
leaky gut.”⁠
Q: “What else can I do for leaky gut?”⁠
A: “Immunoglobulins (specifically IgG) are shown to bind and eliminate the indicators of leaky gut. Glutamine, Curcumin, and Zinc Carnosine are also shown to be helpful nutrients for resolving leaky gut.”⁠
Q: “Anything else I can do?”⁠
A: “Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, roots, and tubers (spinach, ginger, mushrooms, grapes, bananas, papaya, lemons and limes, etc.) and reduce all the junk food (cookies, pastries, cakes, crackers, granola bars, artificial sweeteners, and overconsumption of alcohol.”⁠
Lifestyle changes can help a lot. The right supplements can do even more for reducing the indicators of leaky gut as well as assist with changing the cravings for junk foods that are causing many of the underlying issues in the first place.⁠
Supplements alone (IMO) aren’t enough to tackle serious gut issues. Lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough to tackle serious gut issues. The right supplements AND lifestyle changes together are best for addressing leaky gut challenges. ⁠
I respond to people every day that let me know up front that they eat healthy, avoid all the junk, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep yet they still have gut issues.⁠

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