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Tough case of Heartburn & reflux? -probiotics, digestive enzymes, cleanse, gut health

Most people (90+%) that use Upper GI Relief notice a fairly quick reduction in heartburn and acid reflux. But occasionally I get this feedback:⁠
“I’ve been on the high dose of Upper GI Relief a month, and I still have heartburn. Now what?”⁠
Upper GI Relief helps most people knock out heartburn, constipation, acid reflux, nausea, stomach cramps, and bloating (from slow motility). But let’s assume it isn’t working.⁠
While there isn't a lot of clinical data for a couple of these steps, they do work a lot of the time along with Upper GI Relief to knock out heartburn and acid reflux.⁠
Taking 1-2 Digestive Enzymes with Upper GI Relief at the beginning of meals helps. Why do large meals cause stomach problems? Food isn’t digesting completely and fast enough. Enzymes can help that process along.⁠
Intermittent fasting daily (not the 5:2 model of not eating on 2 days and eating what one wants on the other 5 days) starting earlier in the day and ending earlier can help a lot. Intermittent fasting has also been shown to help reduce bacteria imbalances. Bacteria imbalances and/or too many of certain types of harmful bacteria are shown to cause heartburn and acid reflux. ⁠
The calmer/gentler approach to starting this process of correcting bacteria imbalances is the use of Cleanse.⁠
I believe most people are aware of 4 and 5.⁠
Believe it or not, gluten can also be a cause for heartburn and acid reflux. Please try avoiding gluten for bit and see how things feel after a meal.⁠

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