Addressing histamine problems begins in the gut - gut health, Regularity, Reflux

The secret to addressing histamine problems is rebuilding the intestinal mucosa to increase DAO activity. ⁠

What will help with this? ⁠
1 - Regularity – Motility Support (NOT A LAXATIVE)*⁠
2 - Reflux – Mucosa Support (NOT AN ACID BLOCKER)*⁠

These rapidly help soothe, repair, and build up the mucosal barrier. They will help with histamine issues! ⁠


These products are now available! We only have 2,000 bottles of each. ⁠

I suggest for those of you with histamine issues that you buy both products and use them both for at least 30 days to help with histamine issues. ⁠⁠⁠

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand


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