Why REGULARITY or REFLUX? Because laxatives and acid blockers make things worse - gut health, constipation, reflux, heartburn, GERD

We have been working hard to:⁠
✅ improve our protocols ⁠
✅reduce our costs ⁠
✅ deliver results faster for constipation and reflux/heartburn issues⁠

Why was it so tough? Try formulating something without laxatives and/or acid blockers that works quickly for constipation and reflux. That’s tough! ⁠

Anyone can formulate a laxative. Sprinkle a little Cascara Sagrada, Senna, Aloe Vera, Cape Aloe, Magnesium (Citrate, Oxide, Carbonate, or Malate) and/or a high dose of Vitamin C then “boom” bowel movement magic happens. It is very inexpensive. Ex-Lax, Dulcolax, and MiraLAX are also very popular. And I would never want to forget milk of magnesia. These are readily available. These work by way of forcing contents through digestion. ⁠

And who can miss acid blockers? Grocery store shelves are filled with them. Who doesn’t suffer with a little heartburn or reflux from time to time. The quick answer has always been to pop a few acid blockers and off you go, right? ⁠

The problem is that both of these methods, forcing bowel movements and blocking acid, come with side effects. Further, both can cause dependency issues and make problems worse: decrease bowel function and worsen acid reflux. ⁠

What do you do when laxatives and acid blockers stop working? ⁠
Just increase the dosing and try more maybe? ⁠

Instead try Reflux-Mucosa Support and Regularity-Constipation Relief. Both have similar ingredients (thus the similar benefits), but they deliver them differently to the system to hit both areas top and bottom quickly to target different issues first. Yes, you can take them together. If you have constipation and reflux, take them both. They will work in 30 days or less. If I personally had a variety of issues ranging from reflux and constipation to bloating and stomach aches, I’d take both for the first 30 days. ⁠

Yes, they use natural ingredients. Both contain prickly pear polysaccharides and olive leave polyphenols that work synergistically.⁠

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