What causes depression? - gut health, saffron, antidepressants

I message and work with people who have depression daily. My family struggles with it. I struggle with it.

While I have worked hard to improve my gut health, my depression was still there. But this alone didn't fix my depression issues.

I also exercise regularly, eat healthy, take walks, etc., but my depression was still there.

It was not until I loaded up on a specific blend of saffron and l-theanine to help reduce my high-stress levels and balance out my mood issues that I was able (after about 8-10 weeks) to start to ween off of Tradozone (for sleep) and Fluoxetine (for depression). Now I am depression med-free.

I'm not suggesting this is best for everyone. It may not be. That is for you and your doctor to work out. But it may help offset the side effects of antidepressants. It may help improve how you are feeling beyond antidepressants. And like with me, it may help those of you who don't want to be on antidepressants to not be on them anymore.

Please consult with your provider on this though.

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What can you do to help with depression?
1) Understand it
2) Address the underlying causes
3) Lifestyle improvements (exercise, meditation, therapy, etc.)
4) Reduce stress

Genetics are genetics. I have no answer for that one.

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