Does this sound like you? - gut health, stress, mood

Burned out?
Tired all day but can't sleep at night?
Weight gain due to elevated cortisol levels?
Need antidepressants but don't like their side effects?
Is đź’© the best representation of how you feel daily?
Does PMS make you miserable and miserable to be around?
Are you going through menopause?
Are you tired, angry, moody, irritable, ornery, and frustrated?

You may need Stress Complex. Okay, I'll just say it, you do.

We're not being critical, we were there too. We also needed Stress Complex because life can be rough (even if you are doing everything right). That's why we formulated it.

We tested, tested, and tested ingredients and ingredient combinations for years. Not only did we not see any improvements, but some of them actually made us more irritable. No joke.

Stress Complex was a game changer. Stress Complex isn't a drug. It is a combination of a very specific saffron that has a high concentration of pure safranal paired with a few other key ingredients.

If you take 2 capsules a day and don't notice anything you are superhuman. The 2 capsules per day (which I take), should at least help you sleep at night.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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