What can you do to help with your immune system for cold & flu season (and other v*ruses)? - gut health, immune system, sinus infection

The "C" word that must not be mentioned in social media does come with several discomforts for sure. And those discomforts can mirror sinus infections in many ways. Many people are also fighting long-"C" where the problems just linger and linger and linger (much like a sinus infection problem).

Our approach to both "C" and Sinus Infections is the same. We aggressively clean up the sinus area and we like to suggest an aggressive plan for building up the immune system.

No, our immune system plan is not loaded with vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry. Those are great, but I am talking about building up an immune system and microbiome that makes C and colds/flu not likely to stick around. If they do stick around, the discomforts are mostly tiredness and fatigue, not a complete knockout punch. You can still load up on all of your nutrients when you start to feel like you're coming down with something, but this is to help lessen the frequency and severity of those issues so you're not sick all winter long.

I was that person. After years on antibiotics, my immune system was shot. If the kids got a cold, I got slammed with it and was out for weeks. Everything turned into a sinus infection or worse and it just lingered forever. Now, I still get sick but I bounce back from it and I have not been on antibiotics for about 9 years!

The gut is connected to the immune system, it's about 70% of your immune system. If you really want to get serious about your health then you really need to get serious about your gut health.

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