Ultimate Probiotic vs. Other Probiotics - gut health, digestion, antibiotics

How does Ultimate Probiotic compare to other probiotics?

Let's start with the basics.
🔹They don't even have the same strains. Obviously, having different ingredients is a sign that they aren't the same.*

🔹Ultimate Probiotic was formulated by a microbiologist that specializes in microbiome research and gut health, not a doctor that specializes in cardiology or a wellness specialist (for example).*

🔹Ultimate Probiotic was formulated for a broad range of gut health needs assuming people needed:
1️⃣ broad range beneficial bacteria growth (not a few beneficial strains)
2️⃣ bacteria diversity (not a few beneficial strains)
3️⃣ a strong gut barrier, etc.

When Ultimate Probiotic was formulated we assumed people wanted a lot less bad bacteria and a lot more beneficial bacteria in a wide range. So, we formulated Ultimate Probiotic to help nurture the increase of many beneficial bacteria.

Ultimate Probiotic helps drive out the bad stuff. We assumed people may have digestive discomforts, may want long-term microbiome management, may have issues with foods, etc.*

While many probiotics use specific strains that are beneficial. Ultimate Probiotic was formulated for wide-ranging, whole gut management help.*

Ultimate Probiotic was formulated to help recover from antibiotic use, offers 100% survivability w/o gimmicks (coatings, etc.), and builds the gut back up.*

Are other probiotics bad? Nope. That's not what we are saying.

We simply assumed people may want the best option and formulated to that.*


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