5 reasons constipation issues are not a quick fix - gut health, laxatives

Not so simple, right?

Just eat more fiber, drink more water, and exercise. That's the answer for everyone.

But what if you are still constipated?

Some ask why resolving constipation issues isn't a quick easy fix. The answer is that constipation isn't a fast fix unless it is a fairly recent issue. Meaning, if you've been dealing with it long-term, it's going to take a bit to get it fixed.

Here is what we see, if a person does the Slow Motility Protocol (or the Slow Motility+ Protocol, my preferred protocol) for the full 90 days, most of them can re-establish motility again and will be able to ease off of laxatives. Most of them. Like 85%. Some need more time on the protocol. Some need additional help outside of the protocol (like addressing serotonin needs, etc.).

When you have been constipated (and have maybe used laxatives [natural or chemical]) for an extended period your system is stuck in "slow" or "off." It takes time to help turn it back on. It just does.

The biggest problem I see is that people start the protocol, see it work, stop too early before regularity is fully established, and then later on constipation comes back.

What are we doing to help you faster for less money? It's coming. In the interim, please know that the current protocols do help with lazy bowel, elevated archaea, overcoming medication "slowdown," etc.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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