Tired of bad diarrhea/loose stools? - gut health, immunoglobulins, antibodies

Are you anxious to finally address your constant diarrhea/loose stool issues once and for all? It's a really miserable way to live.

Have we helped thousands of people just like you? 👍🏼Is it overly complicated? Surprisingly, no.

You may find that high doses of immunoglobulins are the answer. Immunoglobulins are antibodies, we are specifically talking about oral antibodies you can consume. This approach is very effective except for those with certain types of bile acid malabsorption.

Why does it work? Immunoglobulins soak up all the garbage in the gut associated with IBS, SIBO, etc. They soak up everything from candida and mycotoxins to C. diff and h. pylori. This is supported by research and we've seen firsthand how it's helped many.

⬇️ decrease immune activation
⬇️ decrease inflammatory processes
💪🏼 strengthen the gut barrier
🧽 soak up pathogens more effectively than anything else we have found

We have found that pairing immunoglobulins with frequency-activated nano ag4o4 is a killer combo. This combination is extremely effective at uprooting the bad stuff in the gut. It has an effective "smash and grab" relationship that works wonders for causes of bad diarrhea. It is also an amazing way to clean up the gut in general.

Obviously, this is a complex subject, not resolved in one quick post. But immunoglobulins absolutely do help with diarrhea/loose stools.

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