Standard constipation responses - gut health, laxative-free

We don't want to discount the suggestions of more fiber, liquid, and exercise (because we also recommend those)


What do you do if those things aren't working and you DON'T want to use laxatives?

What do you do then?

The answer is Motility.

After about 4 years of focusing on the research and development of ideas specific to improving our processes for helping with constipation and slow motility issues, Silver Fern™ finally found a combination of non-laxative ingredients that work extremely well together in one product with noticeable improvements in 15 to 30 days (on average for most people).

Believe it or not, Motility only contains 3 ingredients:
Artichoke leaf extract
Okra extract
Winter cherry extract.

Please give it 15 to 30 days on average to start working.

For mild constipation issues, please buy 1 bottle and use 2 capsules a day.

For moderate to severe issues, please buy 2 bottles and take 4 capsules per day. Some prefer to take all 4 capsules at once. Others found taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening most advantageous.

We find Motility to be very "digestive-friendly" with little to no side effects. It does not cause diarrhea or loose stools either.

For more information on Motility, please DM us #Motility on Instagram @silverfernbrand (or if you have any questions).

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