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Regular constipation aids are not the solution to constipation-laxatives, motility

Isn’t it interesting that there are so many “solutions” to health problems that are only meant for “short-term” use, yet people then become reliant on them, which causes the issues to get worse? ⁠
If laxatives are the short-term solution for constipation, and water, exercise, and fiber aren’t solving the⁠
long-term problem then what? Maybe a special “poop” or “cleanse” product? Those are essentially different laxatives: short-term solutions hoping to lock customers in by contributing to the underlying problems.⁠
Many healthy people that eat good foods loaded in healthy fiber that exercise daily and drink a lot of⁠
water still get stuck with regular constipation issues. Oddly enough, bloating and other discomforts usually go along with it. These people have usually been told to take something like MiraLAX® for the problem, but then find themselves reliant on MiraLAX® to solve regularity.⁠
The underlying issue is a motility problem, which laxative like products keep contributing too. In order to resolve slow digestion, normal motility must be achieved. ⁠
Exercise, water, and fiber are so good. But sometimes people need some additional support to unplug the constant issue of constipation. That is where a 3-month high dose of Upper GI Relief comes into play. Upper GI Relief IS NOT a laxative. It does not cause diarrhea or a flushing of the system. It starts up digestion to get to a normal digestion speed and helps with acid issues. After 3 months drop the dosing and continue on a normal dose of 2 capsules per day/1 bottle a month.⁠

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