Problems with frequent sinus infections - gut health, immune support, sinus

Imagine being constantly sick during cold and flu season. Not just sick but always needing an antibiotic to get better and even then, those quit working. If this sounds like you, we get it. Our owner/cofounder was like this for years and it was frustrating for everyone involved (ie. his wife too).

Frustration led to engaging a microbiologist/gut expert to help him.
Phil was customer #1 before Silver Fern™ existed. Our microbiologist/gut expert helped Phil build up his immune system through gut health and the rest is history. This build-up didn't include zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry, Phil was already taking all of those. This was a full-on gut build-up process. This included:
✅ Cleaning up the gut
✅ Building up the gut barrier (he is sure he had leaky gut)
✅ Reducing inflammatory processes
✅ Correcting his immune system malfunctions (aka "supporting the immune system").

Was this a quick 30-day process? No. It took time and consistency but the effects have been long-lasting and maintaining this new-found gut health has been simple.

Next up was a nasal spray. It's pretty common that some nasal sprays are addictive so those were a no-go, but also letting the nasty stuff set up shop and make him miserable wasn't optimal either. Phil just wanted something that would literally clean out the bad stuff.

You'll find with Silver Fern™ everything has been first used by the owners, their families, and friends. We prefer to prove out what clinical studies claim before we launch a product. If it doesn't work we don't sell it.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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