Nano Scrub, Ultimate toxin binder - gut health, candida, parasite, AG4O4

To fully pull apart bad stuff that may be residing in your system, you do not need a parasite cleanse, candida cleanse, mold cleanse, bacteria overgrowth cleanse, etc. You may only need Nano Scrub. It helps pull all of those apart.*

I remember when we first started looking at silver. I was very much, "I will never use any kind of silver...let alone allow my kids to use it." Have you read all the bad stuff on Silver online? Pretty scary. I concluded that all silver was the same, all silver should be avoided, and all silver was harmful to ingest. (Note: I did use it topically for cuts, burns, etc., and loved it. But I would never ingest it.)

Our science team then discovered a different type of silver. Honestly, I knew about it but assumed it was the same scary silver stuff everyone sold online. Our chief science director was curious and did a full audit of the material. Turns out, I was wrong. Silver is not all the same.

The AG4O4 technology is different. The AG4O4 silver technology is used in hospitals around the country. We use a silver technology manufactured in an FDA-audited facility that is GRAS-certified and has several human ingestion studies proving it is safe and effective. As a gut company, the last thing we want is material that may harm the gut microbiome of our family, friends, and customers. Remember, our kids use this when they get sick. We needed to verify, verify again, and then verify again. Our science even talked to the teams that did the third-party testing to verify it was safe.

We love Nano Scrub. It allows us to hit all bad stuff at the same time effectively. It allows us to unravel the stuff that is very sticky in the intestines.

If you have any questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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