It is not recommended that fiber be used to help gastroparesis, why? - gut health, constipation

Gastroparesis (slow gastric emptying) is a motility issue. It comes with a wide range of discomforts. ⁠

With this particular issue, we suggest combining a good reflux protocol with a motility/constipation protocol for 60 to 90 days. ⁠

While gastroparesis is not associated as a cause of SIBO, IBS, gastritis, GERD, etc., it is commonly found in conjunction with issues like SIBO and IBS. All of these issues are dysmotility problems. Therefore, it may be fair to assume that by helping with gastroparesis and upper GI motility issues you are then going to help with other issues. ⁠

Interestingly, it is also suggested that this is not something that is resolved with high fiber foods. Many people "slow motility" and their reaction is "more fiber." That is not suggested with gastroparesis. ⁠

"However, fibre is generally avoided by individuals with gastrointestinal motility disorders like gastroparesis due to increased likelihood of exacerbated symptoms."⁠⁠

Fiber needs to be carefully used with motility issues for a wide variety of reasons. ⁠

Prebiotic gum fibers are the best candidates for people with slow motility issues. ⁠
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