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How to decide which protocol is right for you - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, immunoglobulins, gut health

I take a lot of time each day building out custom protocols for customers. What people may not know is that we are constantly tweaking our protocols as our science team learns more and studies new ways to be more effective faster with our protocols. ⁠
What I was suggesting 6 months ago is lukewarm to what our team has me doing today. I won’t ever stop improving Silver Fern™ Brand to make it better for people that are having health issues. ⁠
I’m sorry my protocols are so aggressive.⁠
I’m sorry the protocols are so expensive (though I try very hard to show customers how to save on every protocol I send out)⁠
I’m sorry they take longer than 30 days to work.⁠
But they work! ⁠
I like results. If anyone has not had results with us, please give me another chance to help. I can help. At Silver Fern™ Brand, we literally care that our customers are successful.

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