Feeling uncomfortable after starting supplements? What can you do? - gut health, herx reaction, bloating, probiotics

Killing bad stuff can cause discomfort. ⁠

We are testing a new ingredient right now that "may help" (approved language for a supplement company) with bad imbalances associated with parasites, candida, and gram negative bacteria imbalance "issues" (while leaving all the good stuff). This product is years in the making (research, verification, searching, etc.). ⁠

When we had our test group of people with big gut issues use the aggressive dosing they had a lot of aches, pains, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, nausea, etc. We cut back their dosing and they have all pressed on. A week later they are all doing much better, though they still have headaches and such a bit. It is really tough to find something that does everything you need to clean the gut up without any discomforts. ⁠

So, here is an idea for people that want to have less issues with supplements or anything else. While I personally like to go aggressive because I am impatient and like to see results faster to move on with life, it is also really fine to take what we suggest and ease into it a week or more before jumping all in. That's totally fine. ⁠

In my opinion, the only real way to make it so die-off and side effects are less problematic is to take less of something over a longer period of time. ⁠

When things hurt, pull back on the dosing (even by a lot) and then slowly work your way back up to where you need to be to match the protocol suggestions. ⁠

Think of gut protocols like fitness programs. If you want results fast, you sort of need to work out hard. Working out hard comes with sore muscles. It hurts. If you don't want to hurt as much, don't exercise as hard. That is an option. ⁠

For those of you tired of feeling like crap that want to take your life back, you may want to go for it and manage some of the die-off effects. Addressing big issues can hurt. Those are the facts.⁠

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand, or visit https://www.silverfernbrand.com/#quiz-5XHJMn for our protocols.

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