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There are a lot of ads on social media suggesting that creatine will "bust belly fat." Apparently, if you take a 99.9999% pure creatine over a 99.9% creatine that is the game changer. So...fact or fiction?

I do like creatine monohydrate. I can find a lot of verified benefits from taking it. I think it has more research on it than protein powder. But, I have never found it to demonstrate any noticeable difference in belly fat. So, what does the science say?

Creatine may lower blood sugar. I would not suggest it is a top 50 ingredient for helping lower blood sugar, but it does appear to help with this. Management of blood sugar can help with belly fat. So, I guess this is where some think it is proven to help with busting belly fat. Maybe? I'm stretching a bit here.

"Creatine can help you build muscle, which in turn increases your metabolism and ability to burn fat as fuel. This suggests that in the long term, creatine can help you burn belly fat if you continue to exercise regularly, even after you cease taking the supplements."

"Despite no statistical difference (p = 0.13), adults supplementing with creatine lost ~0.5 kg more fat mass compared to those on placebo."
"Changes in Fat Mass Following Creatine Supplementation and Resistance Training in Adults ≥50 Years of Age: A Meta-Analysis"
National Library of Medicine

Conclusion: Taking creatine can provide a lot of health benefits. But I would not put it on my list of supplements for burning belly fat.

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