Awkward skin issues? We can help - gut health, skin, microbiome

This isn't a beauty product. We frequently get asked about awkward skin issues from a wide range of causes.

Yes, there are awkward skin issues. At Silver Fern™ we like a complete top-to-bottom response to issues so that we can get to the root cause of the issues and not just put a bandaid on it. Those awkward skin problems that flare up can be helped.

Nano Gel is a topical application for everything from scratches, cuts, and burns to itchy skin, rashes, and stuff we aren't going to mention on social media that may make some people blush.

We pair the Pathogen Protocol and Nano Gel together if the issue is more than just "skin deep."

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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