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Are you feeling like you're constantly battling your reflux and heartburn issues no matter what you do? I was once there, it was horrible.

If too much stomach acid is only one of the thirteen causes of reflux/heartburn, why in the world is everyone blocking stomach acid to address reflux/heartburn?

1) Acid blockers work fast, and when you have reflux/heartburn you want fast relief
2) There are no other fast solutions so people go with #1
3) Blocking acid is super cheap and convenient
4) Doctors suggest it

1) Acid blockers are not meant to be a long-term answer for most people
2) If you don't have too much stomach acid and you are blocking stomach acid, you aren't fixing the issue
3) Long-term use of acid blockers may come with side effects

We don't use acid blockers. Our approach helps underlying causes and is not a quick fix.

People on acid blockers have to ease off of them (if they choose to get off of them).
For some, the protocol takes 3-6 months (because H. pylori issues may be a problem that also needs to be cleaned up).

Now, here is my story. I once had bad reflux. Certain foods would wreck my system. And nights were unpleasant. My breath was atrocious. I burped a ton. I loaded up on acid blockers and that wasn't even enough a lot of the time.

Now I eat what I want. I haven't had reflux and heartburn in years. I have no more issues.

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