Where do food intolerances come from? - gut health, leaky gut, SIBO, digestive enzymes, FODMAP

If you have no clue what's causing food intolerances then how are you going to fix them? I mean you can just avoid foods, I guess. It's a crappy way to live life. But it is what a lot of people do.

What is a food intolerance?
It's a miserable, non-immune system or allergy response to food. Meaning, you eat something and you feel like garbage but you aren't having an allergic reaction. You aren't having an immune system response. You are having a poor digestion response to foods.

Most have no clue why this happens. We can break these poor digestion responses into two specific issues. One of the answers is a digestive enzyme deficiency. The other answer is that you have major imbalances in the small and large intestines (in either or both) fermenting carbohydrates.

The quick answer to managing food intolerances is the use of the appropriate enzymes in the appropriate way.

We have 3 different enzymes for 3 different sets of problems:
🔹DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - This is for broad coverage of foods and general enzyme deficiency. 
🔹GLUTEN COMFORT - This is for breaking down gluten specifically. 
🔹BLOAT & GAS RELIEF ENZYMES (FODMAP Enzymes) - This is for people with SIBO and IBS issues. 

The secret to the use of enzymes is to use plenty of them with each meal (not after) to cover all the foods that need to be broken down. For large meals, I suggest 3-4 capsules to be safe.

Check out how we address Leaky Gut here.

If you are concerned you may have bad imbalances, SIBO, IBS, etc. check our out SIBO protocol here. These protocols will cover food intolerances and a full massive clean up. In my opinion, this is best the best option for most people. This is a top down approach: stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

If you have any questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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