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Fact or Fiction?
Well, if you ask a standard doctor they will say leaky gut is fiction.

If you ask a microbiologist, microbiome researcher, or anyone that likes to nerd out on research on PubMed and other locations, they will say that leaky gut (also called increased intestinal permeability or metabolic endotoxemia as shown in blood work by elevated LPS levels and inflammatory markers) is very real or a fact. They may even say something like "Denying leaky gut as a health issue is like denying the world is round. You can say it is flat all you want, but it is round."

What do we think? If it's not real, there sure is a lot of research on increased intestinal permeability/metabolic endotoxemia. Like a lot.

Here's the problem. Many people believe they have leaky gut, but most have no clue how to fully address it.

1️⃣ You will need to clean up the gut and that is not going to go well if detox pathways are not first opened (motility/regularity should be helped upfront if that is an issue)

2️⃣ A clean-up needs to be a full clean-up (bacteria, fungal, etc.)

3️⃣ A gut build-up needs to focus on full microbial diversity, not just adding in tens of billions of certain bacteria

Both oral immunoglobulins and certain strains of probiotics have shown to reduce the biomarkers of leaky gut in the system. One of the key markers for leaky gut is LPS (lipopolysaccharides). When this is elevated you are "leaky." When those levels are super low, you have a strong gut barrier. Take what works to rehab your gut correctly.

If you have multiple gut health issues, you can take our QUIZ to find the best place to start.

You can find more info on leaky gut and what we can do to help it here.

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