What is gluten intolerance? - gut health, digestive enzymes, FODMAP

If you don't have Celiac, a wheat allergy, or a gluten sensitivity (a gluten related issue not associated with an intolerance, Celiac, or allergies), then you fall into the bucket of gluten intolerance. This is usually self-diagnosed or a guess from a medical professional because you have a poor digestive, skin, or body (fatigue, etc.) reaction to gluten.

Either way, a gluten intolerance is a negative non-immune system reaction to gluten. It does cause discomforts. But it can also be resolved.

1️⃣ There are enzymes that can tear down both gluten and fructan so that bread, pasta, etc. does not cause digestive discomfort (short-term solution)
2️⃣ The gut barrier can be strengthened so as to not respond poorly to gluten. Gluten triggers the gut barrier. That is a fact. But when the gut barrier is strong and the gut is healthy, gluten doesn't bother people like it does those with poor gut health (long-term solution).
3️⃣ If your concerns are with glyphosate, which is fine, the answer is still to help correct microbial imbalances, remove opportunistic pathogens, and strengthen the gut barrier. Meaning, the glyphosate may be the underlying issue but the answer/response to help address it is the same. Stress also causes microbial imbalances, drives up opportunistic pathogens, and causes leaky gut. We can't remove all stress from life, but we can for sure help the gut respond to it in a healthy way so that stress does not tear the whole system down over and over again.

If you aren't sure if you have gluten or fructan intolerance, please consider trying foods high in fructans w/o gluten. If your stomach hurts badly within a few hours after that you most likely have a fructan issue, not a gluten issue.

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