What's the connection between leaky gut & histamine intolerance? - gut health, probiotics, reflux, cleanse

Leaky gut is a hot button. Why? I have no idea. According to the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research it does not exist. They call it a myth. ⁠

⁠Medical News Today, Healthline, and Harvard seem to possibly believe it is real, but maybe not? They are unclear. They leave the door open. ⁠

It is suggested that "A breach in the mucosal barrier, otherwise known as “leaky gut,” is alleged to promote mucosal inflammation by intensifying immune activation."⁠

Based on recent research on histamine intolerances, the breach in the mucosal layer that occurs with histamine intolerance suggests that when mucosal integrity is poor, DAO enzyme production is low. The result is histamine intolerance. ⁠

What do we find? We find that when someone builds up their mucosal barrier AND gut barrier integrity they have a lot less health issues. ⁠

Any protocol for gut health should promote gut barrier function in all aspects including the mucosal layer. Need help with a protocol? Send us a DM! on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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