Gut health and hormone health affect each other - gut health, hormones, estrogen

Do your hormones bounce up and down throughout the year? Maybe you have blood work done once or twice a year to have your hormones checked but your levels are all over the place so your prescription dosing is always on the move? ⁠

Gut health improves hormone balance. ⁠

If you need a step by step plan look at your protocols. ⁠

Make sure to start in the right spot based on your needs. Follow the protocol through. Follow the dosing. And don't get ahead of yourself. For example, suddenly becoming regular for a week does not signal it is time to move to the high doses of immunoglobulins. Our goal is to make sure every step in the process stays helped. Meaning, we don't want you to go from constipated to regular to constipated again. We don't want you to go diarrhea/loose stools to regular to diarrhea/loose stools again. ⁠

And FYI - bloating takes time to help. It just does. The good news, it can go away. ⁠

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